About Juliette de Bairacli Levy: The World Renowned Herbalist

"A sick animal retires to a secluded place and fasts until its body is restored to normal. During the fast it partakes only of water and the medicinal herbs which inherited intelligence teaches it instinctively to seek"

- Juliette de Bairacli Levy

"Juliette de Bairacli Levy has experienced eight decades of living a life dedicated to the "natural rearing" of her children and animals. She speaks the wisdom we long for, the knowledge of good health and a long happy life that is our right. Yet, somehow these details got lost, buried or ignored by the "scientific" community. Juliette is a champion of the health and loving treatment of cats, dogs, children, bees, and the gypsies. Her presence is a gently formidable figure in our modern world."

- Gail Colombo

All of Juliette's work has been based on her love for the animals. She first became famous in England for her cure of distemper using fasting, garlic and honey.

Prominent English families sought out Juliette's help to cure their animals. She had a clinic in London where she became well known for curing canine ailments.

Veterinarians, including the appointed veterinarian to the royal family sent dogs to her for cures. It is during this time that she wrote the book, "A Cure for Canine Distemper." It was very popular and sold by the thousands.

With the success of her first book she was able to fulfill her dream of moving to the country and raising her Turkaman Afghan hounds. One of her Afghans was voted best dog in the United States and appeared on the cover of Life Magazine.

As a school girl, Juliette admired the gypsies and she continued to have contact with them throughout her life. She greatly respects their expertise in healing using simple cures that are highly successful.

She moved to Kythera, Greece where she wrote prolifically, farmed and lived with her beloved Afghans. Juliette has written ten books; 5 herbals, 3 travel books and two novels.

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